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Wet And Puffy


  • Age: 23
  • Height: 159 cm / 5" 2'
  • Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Breasts: -A-
  • Pussysize: Juicy CHERRY
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Rating: 4.55/5
Victoria has her own sense of style. The way she colors streaks in her hair, the unique posing positions that years of yoga practice make possible - and the juicy cherry wet pussy that she possesses combine to make her the total porn package many fans adore. A petite performer barely weighing 100 pounds, Victoria is easy to move into the position you want most and that makes her even easier to enjoy!

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  • Black-Penetrator

    Black Penetrator

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Anal | Wet Fingers | Xtras | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 27' 45''
    • Updated on: Oct 10 ’13
    Victoria is posing on the bed in a black lace top and animal print pantyhose and looks up for a bit of fun. She pulls down her pantyhose to show off her big taco pussy and fingers it ready to insert some Ben Wa balls into her moist snatch. Victoria doesn't want to leave it at that and fucks her tight ass with a pink vibrator before riding a big black dong!

  • Anal-Viki

    Anal Viki

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Anal | Pissing | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 162 pics
    • Updated on: Oct 4 ’13
    Viki is back and eager to show you her big taco pussy! She pulls down her leggings and immediately starts to tug and pull at those low hanging lips. Fingering her tight ass hole at the same time, it turns her own so much she just has to release her juices into a bowl. Afterwards, she inserts Ben Wa balls into her juicy wet cunt and lets the string hang out before popping them back out between her lips but as she does, they break and one stays in the entrance to her vagina! She fires it out and stuffs her ass with a pink vibrator and her pussy with a huge black dildo before licking it clean!

  • Victoria-Sucked

    Victoria Sucked

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Movie length: 27' 45''
    • Updated on: Jul 11 ’13
    Victoria looked sexy in her sheer black lingerie and cute black heels. She has small tits but her nipples were about as hard as I’ve seen in a long time. She had some beautifully long pussy lips and she seemed almost fanatical about pulling and stretching them through the crotchless lingerie. And when she started sticking the long beaded glass dildo up her snatch she was all over the floor and couch thoroughly enjoying herself. She would reach around and spread her ass cheeks so the fake cock could go up her twat that much farther! And then it came time to play with her pussy pump and she once again displayed that fanaticism trying to stretch and pump up her pussy lips as high as they would go inside the pump. It was pretty hot watching her.

  • Big-Rose

    Big Rose

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Contents: 178 pics
    • Updated on: Jul 4 ’13
    Victoria was full of energy when she showed up for the shoot. She loved her lingerie with the crotchless panties because she could grab her XXL lips and stretch them without even having to strip. She was all over the place and couldn’t keep from playing with her pussy. When we handed her the pussy pump she pumped it so hard we thought her puffy pussy lips would get sucked all the up to the bulb of the pump! Victoria was having a great time rolling around with the pump stuck to her pussy and it wasn't until we handed her a beaded dildo that she finally took the pump off and stuffed her twat with the glass cock. It was pretty amazing watching Victoria and all the energy she had.

  • Viki-Crazy

    Viki Crazy

    • Tags: XXL lips | Wet Fingers | Xtras | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Movie length: 14' 41''
    • Updated on: Sep 7 ’10
    Victoria is not afraid to take a walk on the wild size, whether through life or in the bedroom. You can already tell she has a bit of a punky side to her with her fun hair and intense look in her eyes. She goes from wild to kinky by using a bungee cord to pull and tease her juicy cherry pussy. That's not something you're going to see every day! This Czech Republic hottie is petite and flexible, getting into every position she can to show you the full range of her cherry's beauty.

  • Victoria-Wild

    Victoria Wild

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Wet Fingers | Casting | Xtras | Toys | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 13' 41''
    • Updated on: Aug 20 ’10
    This petite brunette is a twenty something slut with a juicy cherry that is just begging to get off. Victoria's slutty thongs aren't helping her situation much either as they are making her even hornier so she takes matters into her own hands and plays with that extra juicy cherry and the wetness makes her puffy pussy lips look absolutely delectable. Victoria uses anything available to her including some rope in an eye-popping solo pussy scene that is titillating to say the least!

  • Victoria


    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Casting | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 106 pics
    • Updated on: Jun 10 ’10
    Some girls look so hot in their lingerie that it's almost a shame to have them get completely naked. Victoria had her best pink and black lace panties on and her pussy puffs up perfectly beneath the sheer fabric. That juicy cherry is just waiting to be sucked - in fact she got so wet during this photo set that she ends up sucking her own pussy juices out of the crotch of those panties for lunch!