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Wet And Puffy


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 162 cm / 5" 3'
  • Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs
  • Breasts: -B-
  • Pussysize: Puffy PEACH
  • Country: Croatia
  • Rating: 4.44/5
Coatian cocksocket Tiffany is willing to do whatever a man asks her to do because she gets off on knowing that she has found a permanent place in his dreams. Her beautiful body, puffy peach pussy and perfect smile are the kind of sexual tools she knows she needs to earn millions of cumshots during her porn career and a special place in the heart of perverts from all around the world!

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  • Tiffany


    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Anal | YouTouch | Casting | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen
    • Movie length: 16' 05''
    • Updated on: Jul 20 ’10
    Girls don't just get to start off as Wet And Puffy models. They have to audition and be thoroughly tested before earning that prestigious title! Tiffany is a teen with a dream and thanks to her deep fucking masturbation on the couch with her sexy white knee high boots... you'll be seeing more of her around here again soon!

  • Tiffany


    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Anal | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen
    • Contents: 110 pics
    • Updated on: Jul 12 ’10
    White knee-high boots with red racing stripes up the sides give you an immediate idea that Tiffany is well on her way to becoming a FAST woman! This gallery shows off her thong panties, cameltoe capabilities and the way she can make a glass rod sweat as it slides in and out of her soaking wet pussy!