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Sofia Valentine

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 165 cm / 5" 4'
  • Weight: 50 kg / 111 lbs
  • Breasts: -C-
  • Pussysize: Big TACO
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Rating: 4.32/5
Sofia Valentine is 25 years old and comes from the beautiful Netherlands. Sofia is a very kinky girl who loves to have wild and submissive sex. Sofia has a very attractive body with the most delicious breasts that house some amazing puffy nipples. Sofia valentine loves to explore her sexual fantasies and is often found trying out bizzare and hot sexual acts.

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  • Anal-Sofia

    Anal Sofia

    • Tags: Dildo | Anal | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Movie length: 13' 40''
    • Updated on: Oct 1 ’12
    Wearing her crotchless panties and matching bra with her sexy black fishnet stockings, Sofia is posing and showing off that hot body. She has an empty bottle and uses it like a big fat sex toy, licking it and slipping it into her big taco pussy. Placing the bottle on her chair she mounts it and forces it deep inside her wet hole. When she gets her hands on her second sex toy, she can't resist putting it into her ass and twisting and pulling it slowly in and out again. With her body reacting with barely sated lust she licks off her toys until next time.

  • Sofia-Anal

    Sofia Anal

    • Tags: Dildo | Anal | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Contents: 123 pics
    • Updated on: Sep 24 ’12
    Sofia is in black fishnet stockings and sexy lingerie with crotchless panties barely covering her big taco pussy. She poses and shows off her ass and her big boobs before grabbing a bottle and playing with it like it's a sex toy. Licking it and inserting it into her mouth before turning her attention to her pussy. She slides her home made toy into her wet taco by straddling it on the chair making it sink deep inside. Finding another sex toy for her ass she pushes it into her anal hole and pulls it slowly out again and then tastes both toys before it's over.

  • Sofia


    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Anal | YouTouch | Wet Fingers | Toys | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 19' 34''
    • Updated on: May 6 ’10
    Sofia Valentine is a very kinky girl with a Betty Page pinup style and a strong fetish for pinching her own vagina. She loves to squeeze her beefy labia between her fingers until they turn red and leak a little nectar. She's also fond of licking her own nipples but she knows this video needs to be about your desires even more than her own. After flossing her pussy with the laces of her panties she gets flat on her back for some kinky pussy handling. Listen with the sound up high as she pulls her clit pump off and the smacking suction sound lingers in your ears!

  • Sofia-V

    Sofia V

    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Anal | Toys | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 159 pics
    • Updated on: Jan 25 ’10
    Sofia V is definately as dirty as she looks. Sofia is dressed in sexy black fishnest and bright red high heels. Sofia V spends plenty of time playing with her juicy pussy before using a dildo on her throbbing lips and in her her awaiting wet vulva. Sofia V participates in some anal play and plugs her ass deep with a sexy toy before taking it straight from her ass and into her mouth sucking all her ass juice from it.