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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 168 cm / 5" 6'
  • Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs
  • Breasts: -C-
  • Pussysize: Juicy CHERRY
  • Country: Germany
  • Rating: 4.66/5
Juicy Cherry Petty hails from Germany, where at 22 years of age she is already becoming a local sensation dancing in erotic clubs. Now she makes her international debut with Wet And Puffy, sharing her amazing body and athletic sexual ability with everyone who appreciates the finer points of hardcore pussy modeling!

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  • Nurse-Petty

    Nurse Petty

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 21' 26''
    • Updated on: Sep 12 ’12
    With her legs covered by her white stockings and still wearing her uniform, Nurse Petty is ready to cure some boredom. She leans on the edge of the table and slides up her skirt then reaches into her panties and rubs on her juicy cherry. She turns around and pulls her panties tight, highlighting her amazing ass and rubs on her cameltoe. Finally pulling off her uniform she reveals her erect nipples and squeezes her breasts. Finding a new use for a vibrating toothbrush, she places is against her clit before plunging it deep inside her pussy and working it in and out.

  • Nurse


    • Tags: XXL lips | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Contents: 192 pics
    • Updated on: Sep 5 ’12
    Nurse Petty is all dressed up in her uniform including thigh high white stockings that really highlight her sexy legs. She pulls up her skirt to reveal her white panties with a nice cameltoe showing through them. She pulls them aside to give a sneak peek at her juicy cherry pussy and then pulls her uniform over her head to expose her perfect boobs. She spreads and rubs her pussy with her fingers and shows a new use for a vibrating toothbrush.

  • Petty-XXL

    Petty XXL

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 19' 39''
    • Updated on: Mar 12 ’12
    Darling petite Petty may be shorter and thinner than most other pornstars, but there is one place where she is just as big... if not bigger... than all the rest! Inside that cameltoe are a set of long luscious labia that deserve the XXL moniker! She pumps out her pussy often and the stretching is what has allowed her to develop such amazing pussy lips for you!

  • Petty-XXL

    Petty XXL

    • Tags: XXL lips | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 193 pics
    • Updated on: Mar 5 ’12
    Petty has very long pussy lips, mostly due to her fetish for pussy pump play. She actually considered getting vaginoplasty to reduce the size of her labia until we explained that her sexy pussy looks perfect just the way it is right now! Once she understood how much fans love her labia she felt a lot better about her body too!