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Wet And Puffy


  • Age: 26
  • Height: 167 cm / 5" 5'
  • Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs
  • Breasts: -B-
  • Pussysize: Juicy CHERRY
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Rating: 4.67/5
Eve is 26 and from the Czech republic. This girl is very out going and is very horny and flirtasious all the time. Eve is only really happy when she knows she has male attention and always goes out her way to attract the opposite sex. Eve has a very sexy and slim body with perfect b cup tits and perky nipples.

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  • Eve-Big-Pee

    Eve Big Pee

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Pissing | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 19' 58''
    • Updated on: Oct 7 ’10
    Eve is a sultry 26 year old brunette from the Czech Republic. She's a petite 5'5 and a even with her oversized juicy cherry pussy lips she still weighs a little less than 115 pounds! The key to her health and fitness is that Eve drinks a lot of water every day, and with a lot of water comes plenty of piss. So how does Eve find the time to masturbate between drinks and bathroom breaks? She has learned to piss on her dildos as lube before she keeps fucking them anyway! What a naughty girl Eve has become!

  • Eves-Lips

    Eve's Lips

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Wet Fingers | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 161 pics
    • Updated on: Oct 1 ’10
    Eve is a sweet 26 year old Czech amateur who enjoys showing off her juicy cherry for the camera. She gets herself all worked up and ready by stripping down nice and slow, letting her clothes slide down her body. She spends plenty of time fingering that lovely cherry. Her pussy juices cover her fingers and reveal just how incredibly horny she is. She's going to need every last bit of it once you see how massive her dildo is. You wouldn't believe that this fake dick fits in her pussy, but she manages to get it in and stretch out her pussy.

  • Eve-and-Zoe

    Eve and Zoe

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Lesbians | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 176 pics
    • Updated on: Aug 26 ’10
    If one sweet ass puffy twat is not enough for you then you're going to love this hot softcore lesbian picture gallery. Eve and Zoe are two very sexy Eastern European chicks on a mission to get off. They explore the confines of each other's gorgeous juicy cherry twats and the images show every delicious detail up close and personal. Fingers and dildos get into those juicy cherries deep extracting every drop of sweet pussy juice out.

  • Zoe-and-Eve

    Zoe and Eve

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Lesbians | Sensual | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 18' 53''
    • Updated on: Jun 13 ’10
    Zoe And Eve are cherry-popping lesbians in this girl / girl video that will have you licking your lips while you watch it! A big bottle of body oil and a pair of well-lubed glass rods are all these girls need to get each other off. Side by side they slide their favorite toys in and out of their girlfriend's holes - this scene is a winner!

  • Eve-Butterfly

    Eve Butterfly

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Anal | Xtras | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 18' 51''
    • Updated on: Jun 6 ’10
    The Butterfly position is more than just a sexual pose for Eve, in fact it's so important to her that she made it her last name for porn purposes! Here she gets into a deep butterfly with her knees fully extended so she can go ass to pussy on herself using a long glass toy, tube and of course the thin thong of her white panties as well!

  • Eve-Butterfly

    Eve Butterfly

    • Tags: Cameltoe | XXL lips | Dildo | Anal | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 211 pics
    • Updated on: Mar 26 ’10
    Eve is wearing butterfly wings in this sexy scene, but that's not the butterfly that really matters. Look lower and you'll find her juicy cherry spread open to reveal the pretty pink wings of her fluttering wet pussy! Her pussy play will draw you in deep for an up-close look at her quivering lips and just when you think she is about to stop, Eve goes even farther by spiking her own ass with a long glass dong. Some girls get shy with their sex toys after they have been in their asses, but Eve spreads her wings and lets this slick stick slide between her wet and puffy pussy lips even after it has just come out of her own ass!