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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 165 cm / 5" 4'
  • Weight: 50 kg / 111 lbs
  • Breasts: -A-
  • Pussysize: Juicy CHERRY
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Rating: 4.57/5
Dominika has the best pussy in the whole of the porn world. Dominika is only 26 years old put she she has a perfect hanging juicy cherry pussy that is bursting with ripeness and flavour. Dominika is a very sweet looking girl who has a very cute beauty spot just above her innocent looking smile. Dominika is a pure tease who is always a pure dream to meet.

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  • Dominika-Red

    Dominika Red

    • Tags: XXL lips | Xtras | Sensual | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 16' 35''
    • Updated on: Nov 4 ’10
    Dominika Red is as naughty as they come, and you'll see that from your first impression. Her lovely body is shown off in tight fishnets and lingerie, with her gorgeous pussy peeking out from under her short skirt. She is completely irresistible and wants to have a special time today. She brings out some pussy clips and slides them onto her lips, adding a pleasurable pressure that has her arching her back and pushing out her chest in a wild, hot orgasm.

  • Dominika-Dark

    Dominika Dark

    • Tags: XXL lips | Xtras | Sensual | Toys | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 150 pics
    • Updated on: Oct 25 ’10
    Dominika Dark is a very kinky kind of Czech amateur, and she knows how to push everyone's buttons. She has on a skin tight latex dress on, paired with a hot pair of fishnet stockings. She starts things off on a high note by bringing out her whip, although she quickly gets distracted with her juicy cherry. She can't keep her hands off of her lovely pussy as she pulls up her latex dress and works her hands down, pleasuring herself with intensity.

  • Dominika-Oily

    Dominika Oily

    • Tags: XXL lips | Wet Fingers | Xtras | Sensual | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Contents: 174 pics
    • Updated on: Aug 12 ’10
    Dominika is a 24 year old juicy cherry from the Czech Republic with an old-fashioned sense of sexual style. Here she is wearing a garter-belts with her sheer black stockings and oiling up her sweet pink pussy so you can see it shining under the hot studio lights. Her vagina is a tasty meal for cunnilingus lovers and a tight fit for anyone who wants to fuck it right now!

  • Dominika-Oily

    Dominika Oily

    • Tags: XXL lips | Wet Fingers | Xtras | Sensual | Babes | Pussy | Close Up
    • Movie length: 18' 03''
    • Updated on: Jul 6 ’10
    Dominika is a gorgeous garter-belt girl with sexy bracers that bend and flex along her perfect curves as she glistens in the studio lights with her shiny oiled skin showing off its flawless surface and soft supple wet lines. Her pussy is often wet but not quite as wet as we made it today with a warm cup of milk to assist her in taking masturbation to a whole new level!

  • Dominika-Blue

    Dominika Blue

    • Tags: XXL lips | Xtras | Sensual | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Movie length: 15' 29''
    • Updated on: May 19 ’10
    Dominka Blue is more than just another juicy cherry from the Czech Republic. When you see this scene with her wrapped in the curtains so she can seduce your senses with a slow and playful striptease before displaying her wide open cherry box for your viewing pleasure - You'll want to cum, but be sure to save some for Dominka so she can share in the moment!

  • Dreamy-Dominika

    Dreamy Dominika

    • Tags: XXL lips | Xtras | Sensual | Babes | Pussy | Close Up | Crotchless
    • Contents: 153 pics
    • Updated on: Mar 1 ’10
    Our next Czech cutie is Dominika, a long legged beauty who loves to let her pussy lips hang low through the lace of her panties. Showing off the juicy strips of her snatch even before you pull off her panties lets Dominika earn your sexual respect quickly. She wants you to know from the moment you set eyes on her that she has exactly what you are seeking, never one to tease or strip - Dominika shows it all right away because she is well aware that if she doesn't give you what you want, you'll find a new sexy whore who will! That submissive streak is what has allowed her to become an up and coming starlet quickly and this blue feather photo set is the next step in her evolution from amateur slut to established web starlet. She has the kind of pussy you want to put in your mouth while you hum so the vibrations make her lips wiggle wildly!