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Christy Charming

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 167 cm / 5" 5'
  • Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs
  • Breasts: -C-
  • Pussysize: Puffy PEACH
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Rating: 4.72/5
We call Christy Christy Charming because she is so incredibly nice. She is the kind of chick that you want to date and treat like a queen. But Christy has a little naughty streak in her. She loves to masturbate and play with her Puffy Peach, especially for an audience. See it grow a dark red as she gets excited. You can see the build up of her woman juice as she gets turned on by her touch. Christy can make deep cameltoes using the thong of her panties but she really loves to get her warm fingers in there to pull her hole open as she gives eye contact to her fans. Delicious!

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    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Speculum | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen
    • Movie length: 24' 41''
    • Updated on: Jul 8 ’13
    Christy Charming walked into the room and immediately started rubbing her tits and grabbing her ass. Then she pulled her thong between her pussy lips and gave us a close up of her cameltoe before she started to get naked. And even as she undressed she continued to grab her tits and ass. But then she grabbed the speculum and had a more serious look on her face even though she playfully acted as if she were going to put it in her mouth. Then she leaned back in her chair, spread her legs and opened up her pussy as wide as the speculum would go. From there she used a big thick dick shaped vibrator and a pussy pump to finish playing with her pussy, which was fun to watch!

  • Peachy-Job

    Peachy Job

    • Tags: Cameltoe | Dildo | Pussy Pump | Speculum | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen
    • Contents: 191 pics
    • Updated on: Jul 2 ’13
    Sitting on the chair Christy Charming couldn’t wait to get started with the shoot. She was so eager she spread her legs and pulled her panties between her pussy lips as we talked about what the shoot was going to be about. She loved the thought of using a speculum on her pussy and couldn’t wait to insert it into her snatch. You could see how much she enjoyed playing with it inside her pussy and when we handed her the pussy pump she was pretty turned on, but she wanted to pump up her nipples first and then really worked on getting her lips puffy! To finish the job she used a large vibrator which she thoroughly enjoyed as she plugged her love hole over and over again.

  • Christy-Charming-Anal

    Christy Charming Anal

    • Tags: Dildo | Pussy Pump | Anal | Wet Fingers | Sensual | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen | Crotchless
    • Movie length: 24' 48''
    • Updated on: Feb 8 ’13
    Christy may be shy but she loves to bring sensual pleasure to herself through anal stimulation. In this High Definition video you will see Paula tease her nipples to make them hard and show off her super puffy pussy lips. She makes one of the deepest cameltoes we have ever seen as her pussy gets wetter by the minute. Paula is slow and gentle, making sure to turn herself on but also making herself wait. When it become too much to take, see Paula use a pussy pump on her clit as she fucks her ass with her fingers and a dildo.

  • Christy-Charming

    Christy Charming

    • Tags: Dildo | Pussy Pump | Anal | Wet Fingers | Toys | Pussy | Close Up | Teen | Crotchless
    • Contents: 185 pics
    • Updated on: Feb 1 ’13
    Christy Charming is anything but shy! This high quality photo gallery opens with Christy showing off her puffy pussy through her naughty crotchless panties. She makes one of the biggest cameltoes we have ever scene with her finger and makes herself so wet that she glistens. If you like big puffy pussy lips, this is a must see gallery. Christy gets so turned on that she uses a pussy pump on her clit as she fingers her tight asshole. Christy loves anal stimulation and can have anal orgasms when she fingers herself just right.